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Thank you London Hackspace for being there!

I've joined in 2011 (basically when I moved to London).

Two paid projects

I have very little time. I want to spend more time with family. I have a job as web developer that pays relatively well. Happy to spend "a few hours of work in cash" to support someone who is currently out of work and has some time... Time is a new currency!



Instead of using Oyster

My issue

I'm using my bank card for travel - the only card in my wallet - no RFID clashes... Quicker / more practical

I'm rather infrequent visitor and carrying Oyster card just to open door once a month is not practical, it's more practical for me to have only one card in my wallet

I want to minimise and not carry any additional cards at all

Official resource

Set up your access card: This can be pretty much anything that contains an RFID chip, such as an oyster card or credit card. You can also get RFID labels and stick them to something. Swipe it on the membership kiosk, by the library, and follow the on-screen instructions. Once completed, you will be able to come into London Hackspace any time you like - even 3am on Christmas day. If you really want to. If you don't have a suitable RFID card we have a few in keyring form for sale for £1.50, ask around on a Tuesday night.

Some comments from IRC channel

9:46 AM <•booyaa> i think the rfid in that and iphones has been bodged to not work like regular rfid
9:46 AM <•booyaa> i've used my contactless credit card
9:46 AM <•booyaa> but then again i'm yolo [you only live once]

9:46 AM <•aden> stefek99: oyster is best
9:47 AM <•aden> some contactless cards use the same ID, so it's best not to use them
9:51 AM <•aden> but we could have an irc message saying "THE TOTAL MUG THAT BOUGHT AN APPLE WATCH has opened the hackspace door"
9:59 AM <•aden> every time someone uses their bank card to open the door, it transmits the details to our remote card emulator, which we use to buy a pint in the pub

9:49 AM <•tomwyatt> also you'd scratch the shit out of the watch

9:58 AM <kraptv> If you'd like to come up with an innovative biometric two-factor door control authentication system so we could be naked coming in and out of the space, we would welcome such enhancements.

Thank you

I'm excited to see so many improvements:

  • shed in the yard
  • spaceship disaster simulator:
  • hydro garden
  • insulation in class room
  • massive TV
  • machines / devices
  • so many people outside peak hours
  • stylish logo at the entrance
  • ... probably much more

This is a terrible hotel.