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Not sure (details to follow 18-04-11) but generally a tour of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire. As well as the Diamond Light source (most likely not on this trip) RAL contains ISIS a muon/neutron source, CLF (the central laser facility) as well as all sorts of cool workshops (they're constructing bits of ALMA here).


Near Didcot, Oxfordshire (the same location as the Diamond light source trip)


um.... CLF (LASERS!) ISIS (Neutron/Muon beam!) ALMA (Radio Telescope!) This not enough? you're not human...

Some photographs of ISIS to tempt you.


9th June 2011, exact time TBC

Getting there

As well as who ever ends up driving there it's a fairly easy, 40 min, train journey from Paddington and then 20 minute bus directly to RAL (or Harwell campus as the buses know it).

People going

  • Philip Mc
  • Kieran K
  • Amy C
  • Spencer Kelly