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* [[User:vetraskr|Nick]]
* [[User:vetraskr|Nick]]
* tgreer
* tgreer
* [[User:Srimech|Jim MacArthur]]
==Possibly Going==
==Possibly Going==

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OHM (Observe, Hack, Make) is the latest in the series of four-yearly Dutch hacker camps. 3000 people in a field, with power, internet, and beer. Come and join the London Hackspace/EMF contingent!

It runs from July 31st - August 4th 2013, although some of us will be there earlier to help set up.

i've added a village for EMF. if you intend to do or display something, submit via the CfP so we know about it. i may be able to facilitate your needs too - amran

Tickets are €180 (~£150), with concessions at €125 (~£100): https://tickets.ohm2013.org/

Definitely Going

Possibly Going