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We've been planning to build a darkroom for the new space since we got in. The room will be a multi-purpose darkroom.

  • Develop and create experiments with film.
  • It would be useable for screen printing for one thing. You could print t-shirts, posters, graphics; using either 35mm film, or printed transparencies, or even contact printing the silhouettes of objects.
  • Experimenting with processes like cyanotype aka blueprints (a super simple and cheap photographic process). You can actually brush the 'emulsion' directly on materials like fabric, paper and wood, expose to light and then just develop the image simply with water.
  • Making simple pinhole cameras.
  • Photographic etching of metal, much like the pcb etching process. Used to create designs on metal, or print the etchings onto paper with ink.
  • Exposing photosensitive copper laminate to UV for PCBs.

Pledge closed: Target achieved!

Please pay in your pledges into the hackspace(viewable on the donation page) account and make sure to use the reference DARKROOM, once paid please mark them as PAID below.


Pledge leader: Blanca or Paddy or wyan

Budget estimation

Wall- (plasterboard 14 sheets - £70 and CLS 21 - £105 ) £175
Plumbing (not including sink) £30
Screws £10
Frame Fixings £10
Glue Etc £10
Blackout fabric £30
Door £50
50 meter roll of cable 2.5 mm £32
Electrical Conduit + accs.. £23
Sockets 13A 2-Gang

Single Pole Switch Socket Metal-Clad x 4

Sink £100
TOTAL £490

Running total: £490

Approximate target: £490