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* £40 - [[User:Russ|Russ]] ([[User talk:Russ|talk]])
* £40 - [[User:Russ|Russ]] ([[User talk:Russ|talk]])
* £20 - [[User:Sully|Sully]]
* £20 - [[User:Sully|Sully]]
* £10 - [[User:wyan|wyan]]
* <s>£10 - [[User:wyan|wyan]]</s> - paid
Running total: '''£180'''
Running total: '''£180'''

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Liquid Nitrogen and a bald chef with glasses looking evil

We are looking at purchasing some Liquid Nitrogen, preferably in time for the 12/05/2013 party

Pledge leader: Oni

Maintenance: Volunteer needed

Training / safety: Volunteer needed

The item

  • www.mansfieldcryogenics.com
  • Basically, we want something along the lines of one Dewar as a one off delivery. We also need a set of gloves to handle the stuff.


Delivery is scheduled for the 8th of May. We are being given a set of gloves for free (which is very nice). A cage with a lock will be provided, next to the laser cutter near the window slots on the ground floor. Safety instructions will be printed and posted here, and on the mailing list in the next few days.

We didnt meet the extension pledge in time, so these who pledged for the initial one off batch are the only ones liable to pay on this pledge. If demand outstrips supply, a new extension pledge will be formed.

Budget estimation

  • £130.00 plus VAT per delivery up to 50 litres for the Nitrogen - £156
  • £??? Thermos flasks

Actions / Information


  • Make tasty meats
  • Make ice-cream
  • Useful for biohackers (so I'm told)!
  • Reverse Gridle
  • Shrink fitting parts
  • Work with superconductors


Use reference LN2 when paying.

Running total: £180

Approximate target: £156 minimum, £200+ with thermos flasks, £300 + with safety gloves

Stretch Goal

Will put in for a more regular supply once orginal targert has been reached

Stretch Goal Running total: £100

Approximate target: £200