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This pledge has been dormant for a while so an alternative plan is in the works but is currently on hold while the walkway is being resurfaced. not progressing due to nobody being bothered about it installed! (last time I looked).

The landlord complained about stuff on the balconys, everything including antennas, wind turbines, junk and the bike pole has been removed.

Lengths of hefty chain from a wheel clamp have been welded to a bit of scaffolding pole and locked to the walkway with high security padlocks.

It takes a few minutes with an angle grinder to cut the chain or the pole which seems reasonably secure. Someone in the space will probably notice the noise.

There was some mention of a representative of the landlord being grumpy about bike storage. Someone on the list said they were waiting for clarification in November 2011, no updates that I'v noticed.

It could be painted light green to match the balustrade if anyone can be bothered (estimate completion date 2022).

AJP has committed to getting this installed by the 6th of november and seeing how if it gets used or if anyone complains.

A couple of the bits of chain have cylinders on the end that could be used for a d-lock, these will probably be incorporated somehow were nowhere to be seen last time I looked, possibly chucked out.

Any other ideas?


8m of secure chain + 2 padlocks.

When I measured between the balcony ends it was 7.17m so if you want the chain to fit and to have enough on the end to loop the ends round and padlock them your going to need 8m. --JasperWallace 16:22, 11 January 2011 (UTC)


To allow bikes to be securely stored outside of the hackspace, on the front balcony. Currently unless you have an insanely large lock it is impossible to store a bike on the front balcony; storing bikes on the back balconies leads to problems moving bikes through the space and storing bikes inside is not really a good long term option when space is at a premium (and there is a risk of sharp objects being left on the floor eg screws).

The chain would be stretched between two of the uprights on the outside of the balcony and secured using padlocks, the keys for which would be kept in the space. The chain could then be used as a railing to attach locks to. Further padlocks can be added to create loops if people feel added security is needed (these would force both ends of the chain or at least each loop and one end to be compromised before a bike could be stolen).


There are several options depending on how much people want to spend and how concerned about security you are. Chain-supplies are the current best option as they will sell cut lengths (know a better source? add it!). They sell 3 types of security chain (ie insurance grade):

  • 6mm (£8.66/m or £69.28 for 8m)
  • 8mm (£13.73/m or £109.84 for 8m)
  • 13mm (£36.00/m or £288 for 8m)

Padlocks - again huge range of cost/type; these locks are, I think, the best size as they should give a tight fit to the (13mm) chain (both have inner diameters of >26mm):

  • The simple: Abus padlock (50mm width made from brass and hardened steel) from chain supplies is £11.52 cost for 2: £23.04
  • The medium-price: Squire Stronghold SS65 padlock - CEN 5 rated. Very good lock, I can get these for £25 Kevin. Disclaimer: This is my own shop listing! I am listing these for my brother who bought a job-lot of 25 of these locks. He will let me have some for cost price. (RRP is £85 so this is better than locksmiths can buy them for wholesale!) I only know a minimal amount about locks, but I would say this is better than the Granit padlock. Cost for 2: £50
  • The expensive: Granit padlock (insurance grade) is £72 cost for 2: £144

What should we buy?

Is something being discussed on the mailing list - go there to follow/contribute.

  • cheap: 8m of 6mm chain + 2xAbus padlocks = £92.32 + p&p
  • expensive: 8m of 13mm chain + 2xGranit locks = £432 + p&p
  • any further padlocks wanted for loops


Running total: £100

Approximate target: £?

Paid: £0