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Information for Reverse Engineering Day

There is a hackspace project to reverse engineer the chinese laser cutter software to discover its secrets, and allow us to make something a little bit better. So we are planning on having a day on the 15th of Jan dedicated to all things reverse engineering. It will be a day of code hacking and prodding the binary files generated by the laser cutter software.

There will be also be a couple of talks, for those that wish. I'm doing a beginner's guide to patching with Ollydbg, and Mark is doing something on the differences between the low-level guts of windows and linux.

Things you will Need

If you want to play along.

Will's Demo- Windows system or wine + Ollydbg

Bring food: There will be some number of bacon butties for lunch. Other things will need to be brought along. We have a grill and microwave but no hob

For jasper's sofware:

  • pyusb (from here )
  • More information can be found in this email and the things it links to.

Communication and file storage


#laz0rs on freenode

File storage: lovelace@lovelace:/home/lovelace/RElaz0r

There are some files on: laz0rs (hackspaceremote/hackspace)

To do

All these are doable at your own initiative,

Tricking the software to think it has a laser cutter attached

The laser software won't generate .mol files unless it thinks it has a laser cutter attached. Possible ways to do this include:

  • Emulate the the usb device. No known way to do this, so research it. Either hardware or software. Info here on software
  • Look at the code. If it just asks windows what USB devices there are attached, make it ask for things already attached.

Programmatic problems

  • Automate .mol file analysis - automol
  • Research dxf handling

Useful non-reverse engineering stuff

  • We could do with setting up the old dirty room for presentations, so we can have presentations later on.
  • Connecting laz0rs (the machine that runs the laser cutter) to the network- Connected!
  • Get some laser cutter


To be sorted out. We probably won't need any.


A 1 day hacking thing on 15th of January


Laboratory 24.


  • At some point : Will's (eb4890) talk : How to patch software with minimal ASM knowledge
  • At some other point : Mark's (ms7821) talk

For who?

Anyone that knows a bit about the internals of a computer (file formats or machine archs)!

Possibly attending:

How much?

There is no charge HOWEVER the space survives on donations and member subscriptions. We recommend a voluntary donation of £X for the day.