Good news - we're open for limited services in Wembley. Ujima House is now actively under refurbishment and we'd love your help in making the space the best it can be.

Please pay attention to the main LHS mailing list or pop into our #london-hack-space IRC channel and say hello.

During this interim period donations and continued membership are greatly appreciated while we transition to our new space.


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< 31st March – 6th April 2011 London Hackspace news
7th – 13th April 2011
14th – 20th April 2011 >

General space news

  • Russ has posted an updated on the hackspace finances: we now have a monthly subscriptions surplus. Total revenue for the last month was £6,192.63. [1]
  • Work has started on the new kitchen. [2] [3]
  • As we are now in a good state financially, purchasing of consumables and small equipment has resumed. Please add items to the components page. [4]
  • Discussion continues about tidiness and unwanted items in the space. [5] [6]

Upcoming events

  • There is a Web Application Hacking/Cracking Workshop this Saturday 16th from 13:00. [7]
  • The One Click Orgs project are holding a small hack evening next Thursday 21st. They have recently launched version 1.0 of their platform and are currently working on a version for use by the hackspace.


  • Billy has recovered an old 3D-printer and is currently working on bringing it online. [8]


Recently added projects:


Please can members update their items in the SwapShop so that it can become more useful and also please date when you add something.

New items this week:

  • Sabre s2045 Petrol strimmer motor (Flux)
  • Front steering rack from child's ride-on electric car and rear axle (Flux)
  • 2.5Kg "Kontrol" moisture control crystals (Flux)
  • Stout insulated box with tap (Flux)
  • Various ~26" bicycle wheels (Flux)
  • Partial 1000ft Cat 5e reel (Flux)
  • Parvalux 240v mains motor with right-angle reduction gearbox (Flux)
  • Guppies (Renski)

External news

  • Nottingham Hackspace are moving to a new venue, and are holding an open day on May 29th. [10]
  • Northampton Hackspace (NortHACKton) are holding an open day on May 2nd. LHS and others are invited to join in the BBQ and 'make things glow' hack evening. [12]