Good news - we're open for limited services in Wembley. Ujima House is now actively under refurbishment and we'd love your help in making the space the best it can be.

Please pay attention to the main LHS mailing list or pop into our #london-hack-space IRC channel and say hello.

During this interim period donations and continued membership are greatly appreciated while we transition to our new space.


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31st March – 6th April 2011
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General space news

  • An effort is being made to tidy and clear out the dirty shop which has become very messy recently. [1] [2] [3]
  • We are looking for an electrician that would be able to inspect the installation of the kitchen wiring and answer some questions. [5]

Upcoming events

  • The monthly lockpicking workshop is on this Saturday 9th from 15:00.
  • Next Tuesday 12th will be the Yuri's Night celebration from 19:00 until late.
  • The weekly catchup meeting of the biohacking group will take place next Wednesday 13th. Bugs will give a talk about primer design for PCR [7]



  • The Young Hackspace project are preparing their next event, based on making electronic music and the physics of sounds. [11]

Recently added projects:


Please can members update their items in the SwapShop so that it can become more useful and also please date when you add something.

New items this week:

  • Old WACOM Tablet without pen / comes with wireless mouse (User:Layer1gfx)
  • i-glasses by virtual IO. Stereo LCD glasses, head tracker, VGA and composite interfaces.(User:Artag)