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Pledge: Knitting Machine

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The item

We have a Brother KH-950 Knitting machine!

It can be hacked to knit over usb and to work automatically. This means you can 'print' pixel art in wool form!

Story so far

  • Knitter won on a well-know auction site
  • Got a very strange look from the seller when I collected it "Is it...for you??!"
  • Briefly set up in Derby and ran for two minutes before the smoke escaped
  • Fault identified as a failed capacitor in the PSU. Spare cap will be collected from a well-known high street electronics company on Tuesday 5th July
  • Should be delivered to the Space on Sunday 10th July
  • New caps have been fitted and the machine powers up without smoke

Please could all pledges now be settled by transfer to the HackSpace account, with the unique reference "KNITTING".


  • £10 Ciarán -- PAID
  • £40 Solexious -- PAID
  • £10 Dave Durant -- PAID reference ""
  • £30 zoe -- PAID reference "knitting machine from zpl"
  • £10 kevin -- PAID reference "FFED910200922B9FC7"
  • £10 Artag -- PAID reference "FFED910200922B9FC7" (sorry, saw the change too late)
  • £30 nigle -- PAID
  • £20 tomwj -- PAID reference "KNITTING" --Tomwj 14:00, 30 June 2011 (UTC)
  • £40 mattp -- PAID (reference PLEDGE)
  • £10 --dsikar -- PAID
  • £10 jasper -- PAID ("KNITTING")
  • £20 timrich PAID but fluffed up the reference, its blank.
  • £10 gausie PAID by solexious to close pledge

Running total:£250

Approximate target:£250

Paid : £250

Left over cash (if any) will be used for maintenance/repairs.