Pledge: Knitting Machine

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The item

A new knitter has been found!

This is a pledge for a Brother KH-950 Knitting machine.

It can be hacked to knit over usb and to work automatically. This means you can 'print' pixle art in wool form!

The knitter was recently "won" in an auction on a well-known auction site for £250. The knitter is in Chesterfield and I'm currently arranging with the seller to go and collect it. Hopefully this can be arranged for the weekend of 2-3 July, when I am next in the area.

Please could all pledges now be settled by transfer to the HackSpace account, with the unique reference "KNITTING".


Paid : £140

Running Total:£250

Approximate target:£250

Left over cash (if any) will be used for maintenance/repairs.