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  • Toys
    • Pressure cooker
    • Vacuum chamber
    • Whipped cream whipper + N20
    • Carbonator
    • Liquid nitrogen
    • Dry ice
    • Sou Vide cooker
    • Make a Handheld Smoker? Example commercial cool smoker I have apple trees that need trimming if we need applewood for smoking chips. (akki)
    • Snozzberry Wallpaper - Lickable wallpaper like Willy Wonka (shouldn't be *too* hard to do...)
  • Cocktails
    • Vacuum infusion - lime juice, sugar, and gin into cucumbers Dave Arnold (1h 18m 50s)
    • Bloody Mary Tomatoes (vodka tomatoes) Clare's mentioned she's made these before? Also recipe in one of the Stefan Gates books
    • make carbonated gin
    • infuse coffee and vodka Rapid Infusion Coffee Vodka
    • trial run tomw's creation?
      • the software is pretty much ready, we'd need about 10 ingredients to run it at the moment.


Event Name When Description
Rapid Vanilla Extract 04/05/2012 Making vanilla extract
Rapid Infusion Coffee Vodka 11/05/2012 Making coffee vodka
Miracle Fruit Party 2 TBC Eating sour things after having had tablet of Miraculin
TMNT Pizza Taste Test TBC Trying the various pizza flavours that featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

More Coming Soon