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This page is old! For the continuing refurbishment of the space, see 447_Hackney_Road/Improvements

We will soon move to a new space in 447 Hackney Road. This will be happening during March and April 2013.

There's lots do do. Moving will be an enormous task, and will take at least an entire weekend (and probably several weeks worth of time in preparation). Here are some resources that help us coordinate this.


See 447 Hackney Road.

How to Help

Open Tasks

If you have a bit of time and want to help out with the move, have a look at these lists.

Getting Involved

If you have a bit of time and want to find out what there is left to do: have a look at the lists above, particularly /TODO#Simple_tasks_that_you_can_do_right_now, and have a chat with the people mentioned (or others who may know what's currently going on.)

If you have useful skills and want to help out with the move:

Making Important Decisions

Make sure to keep in touch with others, things move quickly, and many people are thinking about overlapping problems. When you're coordinating an activity make sure to involve other people in larger decisions.

Specifically this could mean:

  • Start discussing the task at hand with others, do research, find the right specialists.
  • Write down a proposal.
  • Show it to others, amend it. (Any Etherpad/PiratePad service is good for this.)
  • For decisions that affect other teams, or the larger community: propose it on the infrastructure mailing list, or the main list (as appropriate)

As a result it stops being your idea, and will be shaped by others. But it will often be much better.


Expected schedule

We need to be out of Cremer St before 30th April. To leave time for restorations and cleanup the actual move will happen on the weekend of 13/14 April.


(Not all of these pages are maintained. Should sort these and merge as appropriate.) (We should merge these pages.)

Planning updates

Progress updates

Frequently Asked Questions

See also New Space Search 2012#Frequently_Asked_Questions for a discussion of why a move is possible (and necessary) in 2013.

What modifications does our lease allow?

"Structural changes" need to be signed off by the landlord. This includes the erection of new walls, drilling large holes in existing walls (e.g. for ventilation), etc.

Non-structural changes are fine; this includes painting walls, markings, mounting of equipment and other small changes.