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Contacts: Jean-Baptiste, [[User:Mars | Martin Klang]]
Contacts: Jean-Baptiste, [[User:Mars | Martin Klang]]
== [[London_3D_(Reprap)|3D printer users group]] ==
== [[London_3D_(Reprap)|3D Printer]] ==
Contacts: [[User:glen|Glen]]
Contacts: [[User:glen|Glen]]

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Some of the fluid subgroups at London Hackspace. This is an attempt to make it easier for newcomers to get an idea of the kinds of regular meet-ups and projects you can get involved in.

You can always mail the hackspace mailing list with questions - contacts details here are for when you need to direct something specifically to the group or on IRC.

See also the mailing lists.


Contacts: Bugs, Wzdd


Contacts: Jean-Baptiste, Martin Klang

3D Printer

Contacts: Glen

Mind Hackers

Contacts: dmi or Matt


(and micro-controllers)

Contact: Marc Bartoand Dean

Amateur Radio

Contacts: Alecjw, Tweaker, Paul2


Contacts: v21

Young Hackspace

Contacts: Martin

Textiles, thread, material

Contacts: Will

Sport lockpicking

Contacts: John, Mark

3 in 1 lathe

3 in 1 lathe Contacts: TBC, TBC http://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Lathe_Training


Contacts: not sure.

Hackthemedia (workshops about video - media)

Contacts: Marc Barto, Hamish